First J.Hilburn “POP UP ” Store

Dear Valued Friends and Clients,

I would love to help make holiday gift giving easy and convenient for the men in your life. We have a fabulous selection of sweaters , outerwear , denim , accessories etc etc at very reasonable prices.
I have attached the Holiday Gift Guide showcasing a few things

As many of you know, we have the best quality custom fit shirts and clothing items as well. If you would like to order something custom or made-to-measure the deadlines are:
Dec. 1 – sport coats and trousers
Dec. 5th – custom shirts and custom belts
Dec. 19th – ready-to-wear items

Just email me and I would be happy to set up a time to quickly show you the fabrics or make suggestions.

This weekend come see me at the
First JHilburn “POP UP” store and see a huge selection of product
Nov 22-24th at Jarbo on Main Street
in Bellevue.

If you are struggling with what to get, a J.Hilburn gift certificate is easy and the men love it. I can wrap and deliver it to you.

Thank you so much ,
Happy Holidays
Annette Dresser

Jamieson Furniture Gallery

Jamieson Furniture Gallery celebrates its first year in Old Bellevue!

We have had an amazing first year in downtown Bellevue in the Old Main District.  The variety of shops and restaurants here make it such a great walking area that we get more foot traffic than we could have hoped for!  Although we are an established furniture company this is a new location for us so we are enjoying getting to meet the locals and learning what they like.  So far we have made over 2,900 custom pieces for our Bellevue customers already this year.  Pretty exciting start!  Thanks so much for all your support.

Rich Jamieson and Team

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