Helen Salon Wax Spa

Address:      17-102nd Ave NE
                       Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone:         (425) 974-3100 

Hours:         Mon – Sat 10am to 7pm, Sun 10am to 5:00pm 

Website:      http://www.helensalonwaxspa.com
Email:          *** Coming Soon ***

Helen Salon Wax Spa was started as a dream for Helen and staff family to be able to work together in an industry that they could all find passion in. Her dream evolved into a wonderful place that we now call “Helen Salon Wax Spa”. Our vision is to bring metro services to local neighborhoods and establish a venue for quality salon and spa services that are convenient for the common suburban man and woman.

The Old Bellevue location is where it all began in 2010 and less than two years later the Seattle Belltown location was opened. The Seattle Belltown location opened in 2011 and is now the newest location available to the Seattle neighborhood.


Transform Yourself through captivating rituals of beauty and wellness. Whether you seek a singular avenue of relaxation or a journey of your senses, you will discover a wealth of Captivating & Therapeutic services to choose from.